Oman International Trade Development Corporation is a private consultation company that combines an ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit with broad vision and ethics.Since its establishment in October 2016, Oman International Trade Development Corporation (OITDC) has been active in executing new projects in Oman, India, Qatar and Britain. OITDC aims to collaborate with unquoted companies with a strong investment case which can deliver quality products and service to the people.

OITDC aims to enhance the economic development of the Sultanate of Oman by implementing the following agendas:

• Working closely with local and international partners to develop new and innovative projects which can create new growth industries / businesses in Oman.
• Seeking to develop businesses which can create substantial new employment opportunities for locals and add to the economy.

We are a based in Ahmedabad (India) with our primary focus on Oman. We target global investments in a wide range and array of industrial sectors. Oman International Trade Development Corporation consists of a strong management team with financial and investment expertise, and a successful track record in adding value to the company.

We promote investments in dynamic, small to medium sized businesses, working in partnership with local to create new and emerging markets in Oman. We hold key alliances locally and internationally that have a considerable impact in enhancing our deal flow as well as extending our regional and global accessibility. (OITDC) is officially the first and only pioneering consultancy firm in India of its kind.

Bhavesh Mevada joined OITDC as Director in the recent past and has efficiently taken the business vision to a new level. Bhavesh’s name is synonymous with architecture and interior design in the elite of Gujarat and if that was not enough he has created a niche in international tie up and liaisons between Indian and most Middle East corporations on both private and government levels and providing exclusivity to multi scale integration and optimum execution of mergers and formulation of business trades.
With around 23 years of business acumen and a massive trade network all over India he made his move into intercontinental import and export trade and has spearheaded mergers of around 26 companies so far between India and Oman and aiming for another 28 by end of 2017.

Sunita Khimji specialises in marketing, business and operational transformation and mergers with a focus on delivering sustainable and optimal competitive advantage and profitability.
As CEO of OITDC (Oman operations) she has leveraged her extensive hands-on strategic marketing experience to lead a number of successful consulting engagements for construction, global telecoms, financial service, consumer goods and retail organizations, helping clients with product to customer-centric migration, as well as multi-channel and digital integration across inter global mergers.
With over 26 years of deep client life-cycle management experience across a number of verticals, in the Europe, India and Oman…..Sunita is able to provide clients with a very comprehensive approach – from strategy to delivery. Her focus is on providing a framework for delivering exceptional client experience and performance, providing clients with the ability to appropriately target and engage customers in the most cost efficient and effective manner.